Connected AI Vision

Innovative solutions to move your business forward towards the next levels of automation​

  • Innovative Camera based Precision Localization (CAPLOCT M) for pedestrians, vehicles, bikes, etc.
  • Enables Pedestrian and vehicle safety at intersections.
  • Creates digital twin to allow traffic management
  • Enables Cooperative Perception 
  • Cooperative Deep Vision (CoVision) technology
  • Cooperative AI Vision (COAIVI)
  • Collective Deep Vision(CoDe Vision)
  • Extending Range and Accuracy of Perception through connected AI sensor sharing
  • Flexible and Robust Multimodal Sensor Fusion to allow arbitrary sensor adoption
  • Allowing Edge/Cloud Computing for Enhanced Perception and Situational Awareness
  • Deep Cooperative Vision (CoVision) technology
  • Offering extended vision to multiple robots/drones/automated mining
  • Allowing precision localization in areas with no GPS (warehouses, indoor)
  • Infrastructure augmented vision for robotic agents

Superior Vision Using Connected AI


To be a leader and major provider of disruptive AI-based software solutions for

  •  autonomous/semi-autonomous             vehicles  and
  •  smart transportation       infrastructures

Advance vehicle and transportation safety to critical acceptable levels through connected AI-vision

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The problem

The problem

Autonomous Vehicles/Robots rely on vision for safe operation, LIDARs are the main sensor today, but the cost is high

Experienced by

Automotive industry, infrastructure owners and robotics industry

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The Solution: Connected AI Vision


Disruptive Innovation

  • high accuracy AI Vision achieved through connectivity (IP)
  • versatile AI vision software for autonomous vehicles and smart environments with the highest accuracy


Market Disruption

  • Commoditize Hardware: Shift complexity, and value, from hardware to software
  • Reduce hardware requirement and cost (e.g., LiDARs for AVs) through smarter algorithms
  • Make lower resolution LiDARs and Cameras a viable choice for AVs
  • Rely on the power of GPU algorithms to compensate for sensor deficiency

Why invest in a new technology?

  • Sensors (Lidars, radars, cameras) are intrinsically and technologically limited and the sensor cost is too high
  • Our innovative Cooperative AI Vision reduces cost and overcomes intrinsic hardware and component limitations