Use Cases

Application Areas

Autonomous Driving

Smart infrastructure owners and operators, such as cities or transportation authorities working on enhancing traffic and pedestrian safety. Our technology requires only low-cost sensors and hardware. The intrinsic fusion advantage allows gradual deployment and improvement of the system with minimal requirements for planning or calibration after deployment.


Automotive and perception industry: a primary use case of our solution is for object detection in vehicular environments; the CCDFS solution allows significantly higher accuracy and extended range of perception, which can be traded off for much lower cost sensors. Vehicles and infrastructure mounted sensors can naturally cooperate using our solution within the scope of SAE sensor sharing standards.

Intelligent Traffic Systems

Surveillance industry: The use of different sensor types and qualities enables overcoming challenges such as occlusions and overlapped objects for surveillance industry

Cooperative AI Vision for Safer Intersections and Roads

RGB Camera Solutions

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – ADAS
  • Smart Traffic Intersections and Roads
  • Robotic delivery systems
  • Drone technology

A smart warning system can alert drivers when a pedestrian or a bicyclist is about to cross

Electronic signage can also  be placed to warm pedestrians when a vehicle is about to turn in their direction

Set Up

Cooperative AI Cameras strategically placed on an Intersection and connected to RSU with GPUs for processing camera and LiDAR data in real time