Products & technology


Patent pending technology

  • achieves highest object recognition accuracy
  • Allows use of lower cost sensors and increases range of sensing
  • UCF patent pending IP licensed

Innovative cooperative technology between vehicles, or vehicles and nearby infrastructure

  • achieves higher accuracy at very low data transfer rates
  • Allows localization in GPS limited areas or indoor

Single vehicle systems achieve

  • high accuracy through spatio-temporal sensing
  • Allows self-localization with recorded maps or indoor

Markets (by 2025)

  • Self-Driving Trucks, passenger cars
  • Automated robots (warehouse, mining, industrial)
  • Vision for drones
  • Security camera systems
  • Indoor localization
  • Automotive Market:

    Total Available Market: (Lidar, $2.8Bn, Software, other sensors and software)

    $10Bn by 2025

    Serviceable Available Market: (Global sensor fusion market)

     $1.6Bn by 2025

    Serviceable Obtainable Market

    0.01 or $16M by 2025